Waist trainers are the new gadget in reducing the waist and have been brought back from the 19th century. It would have been a lot better if they weren’t reintroduced.

Why? Because it is 21st century and we are fully aware that certain things can be harmful to human health. There are many medical hazards associated with waist trainers.

Wearing a waist trainer can cause infection. Prolonged use of waist trainers has shown to cause skin irritation and rashes on the body.

It causes acid reflux. It hits you with intense pain, heartburn, and ingestion. Prolonged use can cause permanent damage to the esophagus.

The pressure on the stomach puts a pressure on the entire body. This results into shortage of oxygen and hence can cause breathing problems.

The modern corsets do not have the strength to actually break or cause fracture to bones, but they can cause bruises, and truth be told, bone bruises are more painful and last longer than the normal bruises.

As the waist trainers cinch your body, they reduce the blood flow. This can cause serious numbness to in the body.

Waist trainers also cause back pain and serious damages to all the organs pressed by it.

Hence it is better to actually care about your health and not waste your precious time and money on waist trainers. Check this site for more info

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