Every human requires an adequate amount of protein in his food for the proper functioning of his body. Amino acids join together by peptide bonds to make proteins and these amino acids are essential for the human body to carry out many physiological functions. If there is a lack of any of these amino acids, this deficiency may result in many problems.

Major components of our body such as the nails, hairs etc. are made up of protein. After an injury or strenuous exercise, protein is essential for muscle recovery and helps to repair muscle tissue. Hormones carry out a number of functions in your body such as regulating your blood pressure, regulation of glucose levels in your body and many other functions and proteins are essential to make the hormones in our body. Enzymes are catalysts of the human body and can speed up many processes in the human body and are required for the normal functioning of the human body and they are made up of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. Our muscles and bony structures as well as blood, skin and cartilage is made up of proteins and therefore a body deficient in protein will affect the formation of these parts.

Macronutrients are required by the human body in large chunks to carry out many physiological processes. Protein is one of these macronutrients and is essential for many processes such as metabolism and energy production etc.

The human body does not have the ability to store protein and without an auxiliary protein supply, you do not have any other source to get protein. You can keep your protein levels up by taking in natural foods high in protein such as chicken and red meat.

Protein is very important for people who hit the gym because it helps to build up lean muscle. After a good workout session, you can take protein bars and supplements for swift muscle healing and recovery. In order for the maintenance of a healthy weight, protein is also very important and can also help to reduce hunger as it is an energy source.

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